Remote Control

Plant Supervision

Algorab remote control is applicable to a multiplicity of systems, contexts and processes, and not only of an industrial type. By way of example, we mention aqueducts, rockfall barriers, hydroelectric plants, irrigation systems, elevators, industrial processes, lighting systems, fire-fighting systems, power generators, CED premises, large buildings, etc. Our technology also makes use of low consumption and autonomous devices in the power supply, as well as innovative telecommunications networks, implementing the remote control where traditional systems are not easily implemented.

Why the telecontrol of the plants?

Remote control allows the remote equipment to be kept constantly in its sphere of knowledge and action. This faculty has many advantages, which we summarize:

  • reduction / cancellation of disservices: the immediate reporting of malfunctioning, remote analysis and remote controls make interventions more timely and targeted, often avoiding the sending of technical staff
  • more security: remote diagnostics avoid situations that compromise the safety of personnel and the environment
  • preservation of the value of the plants: timely interventions reduce the probability of damage occurring
  • statistical approach: defects, breakdown of service interruptions, reconstruction of disservices make it possible to:
    • better process scheduling and inventory location
    • improve maintenance plans
    • define more rationally contractual aspects
    • better organize the staff of surveillance, intervention and maintenance
    • analyze the performance of the implants
    • establish interdependencies between failures

In summary, the implementation of a telecontrol system translates into a general cost reduction, an improvement in service and an increase in the level of security.

Algorab: excellence in telecontrol systems

For twenty years, the Algorab systems have been successful in the remote control of the plants. Our range of solutions is being enriched with increasingly sophisticated and innovative technologies, which go so far as to implement the remote control in scenarios without power supply network and with difficulty of connection (we speak, for example, of the remote control of rockfall barriers).

Contacting Algorab to find answers to your telecontrol needs means being able to rely on a staff with complete mastery of the subject, who will advise you to outline the most effective and convenient solution together.


Algorab: twenty-five years of success in the Remote Control.
Over the years we have constantly considered the research, development and innovation in the remote control sector a guideline for our business, distinguishing ourselves and positioning ourselves at the top of the market. This has made us a recognized and reference partner for a growing number of prestigious clients, determining our success and increasing the enthusiasm that accompanies us in accepting new challenges.

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