Remote Control

The subject of smart cities is increasingly discussed, in which the thousands of city resources (transport, natural resources, lighting, waste) and the inhabitants are in harmony. Objective: to eliminate waste, to raise the quality of life and environmental sustainability. A prerequisite for the harmonization of resources is a continuous dialogue with them, able to dynamically improve behavior and consumption. Also in this area the key word is telecontrol, without which the dialogue with resources (city sensing) is impractical. The Algorab technology in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks and, more in general, in the acquisition of data remotely, is ready for these challenges.

Algorab technology is a valid support for mobility and road and highway traffic management strategies. Our systems operate in real time, teleacquisiting and analyzing flows vehicles, and continuously sending information to the control center. We also design devices for telediagnosis of road infrastructures and motorways (for example, tunnels). For public transport, we offer a range of solutions ranging from real-time location of public transport to innovative smart displays for users. The cycle paths are also telemonitored with Algorab technology.

Healthcare facilities are complex realities, which house equipment whose correct functioning must be constantly guaranteed and, consequently, monitored. Algorab systems remote control technical rooms, lifts, refrigerators for storing medicines, fire control units, generators, accesses, osmosis systems, CED and, more generally, any equipment that contributes to the proper functioning of hospitals .

Algorab remote control is applicable to a multiplicity of systems, contexts and processes, and not only of an industrial type. By way of example, we mention aqueducts, rockfall barriers, hydroelectric plants, irrigation systems, elevators, industrial processes, lighting systems, fire-fighting systems, power generators, CED premises, large buildings, etc. Our technology also makes use of low consumption and autonomous devices in the power supply, as well as innovative telecommunications networks, implementing the remote control where traditional systems are not easily implemented.

From the leadership in the remote control of national television networks to the supervision of the nodes of fiber backbones from urban WiFi networks to those for moving connectivity , up to the increasingly widespread Wireless Sensor Network. Algorab brings its innovative technology to the field, which for years has earned the trust of leading customers.

Knowing the environmental factors and the functioning of plants to evaluate their efficiency, study their behavior and identify typical behaviors and anomalies are activities that can produce extraordinary energy savings. In addition to this, the automated interaction with the hardware (for example with the thermoregulation equipment), implemented in accordance with intelligent algorithms supported by certain and significant data, determines new fees of operation more oriented to energy saving. Algorab allows the remote control of consumption and energy production, for a concrete and immediate savings.

The Algorab systems, at the top for reliability, performance and safety, are finding more and more use in the remote control of the equipment at the service of the railway lines. To the solutions dedicated to the fundamental technical supervision we support others, oriented to improving the service to users and streamlining the railway management. We speak of smart travelers' displays, of WiFi connectivity for the crew and travelers, IT management of service orders, telemetry, maintenance and many other solutions that are immediately useful and easy to implement.


Algorab: twenty-five years of success in the Remote Control.
Over the years we have constantly considered the research, development and innovation in the remote control sector a guideline for our business, distinguishing ourselves and positioning ourselves at the top of the market. This has made us a recognized and reference partner for a growing number of prestigious clients, determining our success and increasing the enthusiasm that accompanies us in accepting new challenges.

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