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Cogeneration Remote control

Algorab remote control available to energy managers and ESCOs to implement efficient cogeneration plants, increasing their profitability.

Efficiently remote control distributed cogeneration

The territorial distribution of cogeneration plants means that ESCO and energy managers can benefit greatly from the introduction of an adequate telecontrol technology.

Why the Algorab telecontrol in microcogeneration?

Our telecontrol platform, designed for the remote management of numerous and geographically distributed systems, provides the energy manager with a framework constantly updated on the operation of the cogenerators park. The technology of excellence that Algorab in the field, the result of twenty years of experience, takes care of acquiring information remotely and centralize them, presenting them to each user in the desired formats. At the same time, the introduction of Algorab telecontrol technologies offers the possibility to send remote controls, allowing a real remote management of the plants.

Even the aspects concerning the security (video surveillance, anti-burglary, fire protection, remote access control) are delegated to the Algorab telecontrol platform. A no less interesting aspect is the application of an "intelligence" to the plants, thanks to intelligent algorithms applicable through the Algorab telecontrol platform, to maximize its profitability. < / p>

The advantages

  • SIMPLIFIED SETTING - Thanks to the interface with the smart meters, the Algorab platform constantly removes the energy produced by the plant. allows simplify accounting procedures and at the same time remote diagnostics of non-efficient operations of the plant.


  • DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION OF OPERATION - Application of intelligent algorithms for the optimization of the functioning of the plants, that remotely control the plant and dynamically modulate the functioning of the systems in real time. generators and accumulators. In this way the energy manager can operate a effective coordination between plants, to set the operation in line with the energy destination policies deemed more convenient (for example, maximize self-consumption or vice-versa to favor the introduction into the network).


  • LESS COST OF MAINTENANCE - Remote diagnostics: possibility of targeted and timely interventions, with the possibility to send remote controls to intervene remotely, also automatically, avoiding sending staff


  • SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF HERITAGE - Security, remote surveillance and centralized management of accesses (remote opening of locks, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, etc.)


What does Algorab remote control for distributed micro-cogeneration plants do?

  • Continuous acquisition of data concerning the production cycle
  • Teleregulation and optimization of the operation of a single plant or groups of plants
  • Interfacing with all the technological devices of the system
  • Remote management and centralization of access rights to each plant
  • Vendor-independent: the system manages a variety of interfaces and protocols, to cope with the technological heterogeneity typical of energy production plants and metering
  • Scalable system: ability to manage thousands of points
  • Ideal for ESCOs and energy managers


Algorab: twenty-five years of success in the Remote Control.
Over the years we have constantly considered the research, development and innovation in the remote control sector a guideline for our business, distinguishing ourselves and positioning ourselves at the top of the market. This has made us a recognized and reference partner for a growing number of prestigious clients, determining our success and increasing the enthusiasm that accompanies us in accepting new challenges.

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