Who we are

Who we are

There is a bit of Algorab in every Italian house

Not many people know that Algorab has built the most important and widespread telecontrol and supervision system for the main Italian radio and television networks. It, twenty-four hours a day, allows broadcast technicians to watch over the broadcasting of radio and television programs and to intervene promptly, even remotely, to ensure continuity in radio and TV broadcasts that reach our homes, our cars and - now - our smartphones.

Algorab today

Algorab is a company in the ICT panorama that has achieved a leading position in the field of telecontrol. From railway transport to fiber-optic backbones, from health-related technical rooms to vehicle traffic census, Algorab technology is increasingly proving to be the winning choice.

Twenty-five years of research and innovation at Lavis: from a micro-company for automation in the food industry to the primacy in remote control of the national broadcast

Algorab was founded in 1992. The beginnings of the activity were characterized by the design and construction of systems for industrial automation, especially for food processing.

The founders soon realized the potential of digital technologies applied to the remote control of television networks, and it was this intuition that marked the future of Algorab, started to enter fully into the large-scale telecontrol scenario. Mediaset, immediately, realized the extent of the innovation that Algorab was proposing, and decided to give its trust to this small company of Lavis, finding the necessary skills to immediately give concrete answers to the complex and changing needs of telecontrol of the television market.

The bet of Mediaset proved to be spot on: after some time the collaboration with this protagonist of the national broadcast has not only been maintained, but it is more than never grown and solid to the point that, for years, the remote control of the national network is totally entrusted to the Algorab system. Even Rai, over time, has gained the conviction that it has found a reliable partner in Algorab, and has delegated an important part of the remote control of its infrastructures to our hardware / software solutions.




Algorab: twenty-five years of success in the Remote Control.
Over the years we have constantly considered the research, development and innovation in the remote control sector a guideline for our business, distinguishing ourselves and positioning ourselves at the top of the market. This has made us a recognized and reference partner for a growing number of prestigious clients, determining our success and increasing the enthusiasm that accompanies us in accepting new challenges.

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